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April is here and Spring has sprung! I couldn't come up with a better way to do some mental and emotional spring cleaning than by going through this list, day by day.

I pondered over each of these questions and I found them to be a great way for us to get to know each other and get to know ourselves as well.

Here is the plan:

  • Over the span of 21 days I will post my honest, natural response to the questions below - one at a time.

  • You are CORDIALLY invited to post your honest and natural response in the comments section for each individual question.

  • This will become an open minded forum, so I ask that we be respectful and kind to others - the same way that we would expect others to be toward us. Cyber bullying will not be tolerated by any means.

  • If you post any of the questions to your social media, be sure to use the hashtag #XXIQ so I can give you a shout out and we can keep the community connected!!

  • Should you become stuck at any time, for any reason, please feel free to send me a message or email. I am on standby for helping you to become unstuck.

  • Have a good time getting to know yourself and others through the process.


Here is a preview of the questions:

  1. Are you living a meaningful life?

  2. What's the one thing you cannot live without?

  3. When is it acceptable, if ever, to disobey the law?

  4. What do you want your final words to be?

  5. What inspires you the most?

  6. What do you think are the 5 most beautiful things in the world? Why?

  7. What makes you feel most empowered?

  8. Which is more important, what you say or how you say it?

  9. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

  10. Do you live to work or work to live?

  11. Do you trust anyone with your life?

  12. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

  13. Do you believe in true love?

  14. How do you think the world will change in 10 years? 50? 100?

  15. If you had the option to know the date and circumstances of your death, would you?

  16. What is something that you are certain you'll never experience?

  17. What impression do you think you give when you first meet someone?

  18. How would your perfect partner treat you?

  19. What part of your culture are you most proud of?

  20. What's something that offends you?

  21. How do you recharge?

That's about it! I am so excited for the next 21 days and for the transformation that will take place in your life.


aja moon

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