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XXI•Q |10| Do you live to work or work to live?

I work to live. I remember being younger and feeling like I couldn't imagine working my entire life and not being able to enjoy the money I make. I have never been a "workaholic". I never wanted my work or my job to be the center focus of my entire life. Working is a means to an end, in my opinion.

I enjoy my free time and my freedom to choose how I spend my time outside of work. All necessities out of the way, I enjoy having a little fun with my life. I don't think the idea of living to work is for me.

However, becoming an entrepreneur is literally the complete opposite. It totally consumes you! It becomes everything you think about and everything you do. It is much more hard work than most people make it seem. Bringing your dreams to life takes a massive amount of work and dedication, but I live for it!!

I suppose I have found a balance. My focal point is always my family and how my decisions may effect them. I choose to be a willing participant in their lives and the things that they do. I am also ALL IN with entrepreneurship. This kind of balance takes a well observed calendar and a lot of sacrificing.

Overall, I do believe that I work to live and if there was a way to eliminate having to go to work and be able to support myself, my family and my dreams, I would.

How about you?


aja moon


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