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The Snowy Day

~NOT by Ezra Jack Keets

I enjoy the snow as much as the next person – who enjoys snow.  I don’t know why people don’t like snow, or rain, or any other form of weather that is not sunny.  I have an never ending love affair with the beach, but I also embrace the winter months as well.


Today, I somewhat looked forward to being inside and not at work, working from home and spending some time with my kid.  I had a zillion work things to do, but I mean, who doesn’t? I also had a ton of laundry, a sink full of dishes and a busy looking bathroom that I had to tackle.  I spent a weekend in the field, so I had no time to do house stuff.  I needed this day, to say the least.

When the schools in this area close for snow, I have mixed feelings.  I initially feel that they made a sound decision and I consider the students who walk to school and the obstacles that they face in inclement weather. I remember growing up and travelling to school through inclement weather, wishing they closed school.  I sympathize with those kids.  Then on the other hand, I’m 50/50 about taking Daniel in to work with me and attempting to stay home and telework.

I am easily distracted anyway.  Having Daniel with me at work puts my mind at ease but serves as a major distraction, not only to myself but also to my fellow coworkers.  This is probably the fourth or fifth snow day we have had so far and the first one that I opted to stay home, when our facility wasn’t closed.  I was equally distracted today.  Between trying to balance all of my home requirements, make sure my son and dog don’t kill each other and answer emails and phone calls intelligently, I am taxed.

However, I am grateful for the flexibility.  My job isn’t always the most understanding when it comes to family, especially as a single parent. In fact, that is the number one thing that they hate the most.  I am grateful to work for and alongside people who truly understand the balance and who don’t push you in one direction or the other.

Today wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I am enjoying my time with my little guy, and his one sock and his wet pants.  It’s not quite the picture painted by Ezra Jack Keats in her amazing children’s book “The Snowy Day”, but it is our day and we smiled through it all.

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