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Modern Slaverrrrrrrry??

I am angry, fam!

Not angry because of what I read, not angry because it is the truth, not angry because they are (and probably always will be) more people perpetuating it than people who are trying to eradicate it. No, none of that.

I am angry because it is Black History Month and we are still killing each other.

We are still taking up for that nasty, disgusting family member who has groped, licked and fucked all the kids. We are still having this light-skin vs dark-skin conversation. We are still feeling the impact of being a double minority.

This generation is the generation of the voice. We have all been born to give a voice to the voiceless and we aren't doing that, at all. There is a select few of us who are truly buckled down and tuned in to completing the work that is ahead of us, but the majority of us are simply disinterested in using our talents, time and technology to evoke change and make a difference.

Those of us who are actually decisive about utilizing these tools for the good can't stop bickering and arguing and putting all other small black owned businesses down. That doesn't help you flourish. Your ego doesn't drive sales. Your attitude, anger and antagonistic nature does not make you a better business owner, activist or philanthropist. We have to learn to work together, or we will all be destroyed.

We complain soooooooo much about sooooooooo many different things and it is a shame. Honestly it is. There is so much work to be done, both domestically and globally. We cannot extend our global reach if every time one puts their hand out to assist another is slapping it down in private, in person and in public.

If you really want to celebrate Black History Month, let's band together. Let's quit it with the likes on social media and do more banding together off social media. Build a community around a cause that has the propensity for global impact. There is enough room for ALL of us to eat at the table, we just have to stop sitting our behinds in two seats and three seats at a time.

I read an article, mentioned at the very beginning of this post, which quickly turned into a rant, and referenced here. I was taught at a young age to check out BBC World News because they give you a completely different perspective of our domestic issues. In this particular case, I check it out to see a few of the other things going on in the world, namely MODERN SLAVERY.

Over 45 million people are still enslaved, globally. Still. That is appalling to me. I am sure for most of us, we are trying to figure out why that matters, or more concerned with our day to day issues or simply trying to survive. But there are a select group of us whom this information hurts. This information doesn't sit well with us. This information must be changed.

When I consider the idea of modern slavery, I consider all of the scenarios spoken of above; scenarios that define MENTAL SLAVERY. We are bound to this level of thought, like chains, shackling us to bickering and arguing, egotism and antagonism. If we can't conquer that, how can we take on an entire global pandemic?

We should be looking to make history, this, the generation of the voice. We should be building and making things better.



aja moon

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