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Happy Mother’s Day

I went to McDonalds because I wanted a burger and I wanted their fries. (Don’t judge me). When I got the window to pay, I asked the girl if she could put ranch dressing on my burger. As you would assume, she looked at me cross and regretfully informed me that she couldn’t. I definitely understood and took my ranch on the side and later added it to my burger. This was the first (and last time) I ever had ranch on my burger but it was also the first time that I realized that I was pregnant. (It was disgusting btw – in hindsight). That first craving was an indicator that something insane was happening inside my body, something that I wouldn’t come to fully understand for several weeks following.

Once I mustered up the courage to pee on a stick, I not only peed on one stick, I peed on four of them! I was in a state of disbelief that I was actually about to embark on the greatest journey; into motherhood.

The first time I heard his heartbeat – still not knowing it was a “he” – I was fascinated at what was incubating within me. Mind you, at this time, he was still too tiny for me to feel him move or kick, but he was obviously very busy growing and developing and exploring the tiny world around him. As my body was slowly changing and spreading and conforming to the little invader, I was counting the days until that morning sickness subsided.

The duration of my pregnancy was literally a breeze. The worst part, sincerely, was the morning sickness and the anticipation of meeting my baby. Other that, I just ate what i wanted and drank a ton of water. No complications and very few complaints.

Until the time came … you know what time it is. My due date had changed twice since finding out I was pregnant, so I truly didn’t know what to expect. For the first time in my life I had a male gynecologist (obstetrician) and I was totally comfortable with him. He was sweet and gentle UNTIL my last appointment and he was absent. I spent my entire pregnancy with this guy, asking zillions of questions, countless exams – he was like my pregnancy tour guide and he abandoned me. I was unaware that he wouldn’t be delivering my baby but at learning this information I was utterly heartbroken. So here I am, terrified about getting this baby out of me, hoping he comes on time and is safely delivered and not knowing who would be there with me was horrible. That last appointment before giving birth was nerve wracking because it was my due date and I was showing no signs of labor, at all. Daniel was not having it.

They sent me home with a scheduled induction, the following week. That didn’t make me very happy at all. I had heard that inductions were hard on the body and I wanted so bad to have my baby naturally.


Two days later, on a Friday evening, I was at home watching Django with Daniel’s Dad AND IT HIT ME — HARD. After visiting the hospital on three different occasion with Braxton Hicks contractions I learned that the “real thing” would be nothing like those. This was definitely the real thing. My stomach was hard like my forehead and my back felt like i was hit by a truck. My son was ready to meet me!

It took us a while to get to the hospital. I wanted to shower and I wanted to eat. All of it is truly a blur, but David was freaking out so bad, in hindsight, it was hilarious.

In fact, the entire ordeal at the hospital with him was hilarious, in hindsight. Definitely not funny at the time.

There was a part of me that wanted to be like those brave progressive moms who watch themselves give birth by using a mirror or even cooler, reach down and “pull him out”. NAH KID, none of that was going down.

My labor wasn’t too bad. 16 hours. I sincerely believe the epidural slowed the process down. It ran out and they didn’t replace it, so the epidural actually wore off by the time i started pushing.

Ohhhhhhh and that pushing. 10 minutes or less and he was here. Easiest part of the entire situation. It all happened so fast.

They laid this huge, chocolate baby on my chest and I was confused and shocked. I could not believe that THIS baby came out of my belly – as if I was going to give birth to a new pair of shoes or something. On top of that, he was HUGE and nothing like I had imagined – way cuter! I didn’t know what to make of it. I just kept repeating “i just had a baby” over and over.


I promise to finish this story at a later date, in another post, as this post is already super lengthy. I just always see Mother’s Day as a good time to recall the events leading up to motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your phenomenal ladies ROCKIN the world of motherhood!!

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