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Goodnight SONshine

If you are anything like me, you have developed a serious distaste for video games. I have noticed that when the kids play regular games together, they seem to get along much better. Regular games that employ their critical thinking skills, games where they have to work together to achieve a goal, games that involve several parts of the body. Anything other than sitting in front of a TV with a controller pasted in their hands.

I have noticed that after a short while of playing video games "together" the kids seem like their brains are completely fried. They can't get along with each other, at all. They don't even seem to be able to get along with themselves. They are constantly bickering back and forth and most times, it results in a fight.

When they are using their imaginations, it seems as though their sense of togetherness is much tighter.

*I despise video games.*

As Daniel arrived home after visiting with his father, he was carrying his face in a wheelbarrow. I mean, the kid's face was so long. He looked like he wanted to cry. You would guess that he felt sad about coming back home and that he wanted to stay with his father instead. You're guess would be wrong.

Buddy was upset because he had exhausted all the means of receiving free Robux.

Really, guy?

I saw this as an opportunity to redirect his energy, and mine, as well. I was near speechless, but I considered how I would want to be treated in this scenario. I addressed his concern and then immediately began discussing how we would redirect ourselves.

I told him that, as it was approaching bedtime on a Sunday night, it was a good time to set our intentions on the week and to do an overview of our events. We began with the start of the day. We discussed everything from brushing our teeth to heading out to school. We discussed the weather and what we would wear in different types of weather. He helped me to understand why he doesn't like to wear shorts, as he believes he is too skinny. I helped him to understand that he is not skinny, he is a healthy kid who is handsome in every way.

He seemed to be content with out conversation. We went on about our night, getting ready for bed. As I tucked him in, he gave me a taste of my own medicine. It didn't really hit me until I walked away what had just took place. He was so smooth!

He asked me if I had to get up early in the morning and how many clients I had and what times I had clients. He asked me if I had all of my things together. I was super shocked and proud all in the same breath. It was so cool to see him literally regurgitate the therapeutic method I had just used on him. It was even cooler to find that it worked! I went on to bed with a clear mind about the next day's events, as did he.

I have always talked to Daniel "straight up". I have always been pretty good at giving him an age appropriate response to all of his questions, no matter how over his head they may be. I am thrilled to report that this has really made a huge difference in how I parent him and the beauty of our relationship.


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