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Dear Daniel,

I have been meaning to write you letters for 5 long months now. I want you to know the amount of joy that you have brought into my life. I want you to know how much Mommy loves you. I thought I had a great life before you came along, but now I realize how much it totally sucked and now I am having the best time ever being your Mommy.

You were born on January 19, 2013, 3:02 pm at Washington Hospital Center. You were 9lbs. 7.3 oz and were 21 inches long. You were the biggest durn thing I had ever seen. You were tough as nails right from the beginning. I know you are destined for greatness. You weren’t born a baby, you were born a strong black man.

Carrying you for 10 months and 3 days was a very interesting situation, if I may say so myself. I was so very excited to know that you were on your way and very very anxious to meet you. 10 months is a long time to wait to meet your best friend.

When you were born you were a little sick. They kept you in the hospital for a week. It wasn’t too bad. Mommy and Daddy were there every day to watch over you, feed you, change you, love you and care for you. Most importantly, we prayed for you. We knew that God had you covered no matter what. I was not worried one bit.

You’ve been home now for 5 months. (You’re 5 months and 18 days today) I love everything you give me. You are rolling over, talking LOUD, smiling, laughing, giggling. I think you are ticklish! You are a funny boy. You are very social. You have been spoon fed since you were 4 months and you have been playing around with using a sippy cup for about three weeks or so. You don’t have any teeth yet but you are a drooling little somebody. You can’t crawl either, but your attempts amaze me everyday. You are the most precious thing I have ever seen in this world.

I love you, not only because you are my son, but because of the love that you have exceedingly and abundantly placed in my heart.

God gave you to me, and I will return you to Him, but only as a strong black man.

Yours forever,


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