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So, yea….

The title of this post is pretty heavy and I hope I am able to break it all down in a manner that is not only understandable to the reader but edifies the idea from the writer.

Bear with me…


Two things, the older one first.

When Daniel and I first moved into our apartment, here, away from everyone else, he refused to sleep in his room alone.  This was not a problem at our previous place, which is pretty impressive for a two-year-old.  This was alarming to me, as I understood it to be something evident in the room.

One day, while Daniel was still at school, I went into his room and prayed over it.  A good ole Baptist prayer.  I asked God to release whatever what was in that room, that it was okay for whatever was in there to move on and that we promised to take care of it.  I thanked God for the space that He provided for us to dwell in and asked Him for a special hedge of protection around Daniel’s room.

I guess it worked, because that night, with no hesitation, Daniel slept alone in his room.  95% of the time, he sleeps in his room.  There are sometimes when I wake with a little person in my bed, but most of the time, he sleeps there.  Untill recently…

I thought maybe it was because I went on vacation without him – there was some regression.  He was pretty clingy and he refused to sleep in his own bed.  He complained of being afraid of his room and not wanting to be alone.  I began to wonder if he had an inkling that something was present in his room.

I tried a few different things.  I tried baths before bedtime.  The dog sleeps in his bed with him so he feels protected.  I tried empowering him through his “Big Boy-ism”. But nothing really worked and all my efforts were futile.



A few months ago, I began delving into the world of self-healing, Reiki, Chakras and all that.  I got really into cleansing my place by smudging with sage sticks and burning incense.  However, being a Christian, it was difficult because it felt a little, you know, wrong.  I think sometimes, you have to follow where your spirit guides you, because my life has drastically changed (like literally night and day) since I began researching and understanding.

As I slowly understand it, I help Daniel to understand it to, even though at times it may be a bit much.  He has a few stones and crystals for his little pockets and he also prays.  It is definitely confusing, but it’s coming together.



With this information, I decided that maybe it would help Daniel if he helped me smudge his room.  I sincerely try not to smudge at night, but I had little choice in this matter.  We lit the sage and I lit a palo santo stick for Daniel (it was a little longer than the sage I had) and we went around his room, corner to corner, up and down and wished all the negative energy well.

Then, following this, I sat Daniel down, held his little hands in my hands and prayed to God.  I asked God to watch over Daniel and to make him brave.

He slept in his room with no problem that night, but this display also prompted a conversation about talking to God and what that means.  Daniel asked me about faith and I explained it as best as I could.  I have to remember he is only 5.

This was quite an experience for both of us and it is still unfolding.

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