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Chocolate Sunburn

People, tons of them, have this stigma about sunburn and melanin.  People think that brown people don’t get sunburn.  I actually used to think that brown people don’t get sunburn.  Until one day following a summer vacation to Virginia Beach, my face began burning and few days later the skin peeled off like an onion leaving this pink exposed skin.

I am a brown girl, and like most other brown people, I get sunburn.  I have had sunburn every year since that first summer vacation.  It is very unpleasant and in my experience, it always happens when I forget to put sunburn on.  That one time.

So, in turn, with this experience, I never omit to put sunscreen on my baby.  I ensure that he understands the importance and he reapplies as necessary.

I always get a strange look from other parents when I am putting sunscreen on my brown kid, but I just keep on spraying.

I’d rather my little chocolate chip to melt than to burn.

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