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A Sandwich for Two

***Looking at that word - "sandwich" - it looks weird.***

Daniel has been making his lunch in the mornings before camp for most of the summer.  Even though it leaves my counter in a mess, and somehow I managed to get peanut butter on my shoe one morning, I adore his independence.

The first time made his own sandwich, he cut me a piece of it.  It was a perfect PB&J.  You know, the perfect amount of peanut butter and jelly - you live for this kind of thing.  He was fired up about it so he has been making his own sandwich every morning ever since.

I was preparing to take him into the office with me following our Kindergarten Orientation and I asked him to make his lunch.  Our conversation went as such:

Daniel:"I'll make two sandwiches.  Mommy, you haven't eaten lunch yet? Ill make you a sandwich too!"

Me:"That's sweet and thoughtful of you! Okay thanks."

Daniel:"Mommy, there's not enough jelly for two sandwiches.  I can make peanut butter sandwiches."

Me:"No, Daniel, that's okay.  There's enough jelly for one.  Just make yourself a sandwich."

Daniel:"But, Mommy, what will you eat?"

My heart was touched.  He is so sweet and kind and caring.  And it's so genuine.  I couldn't resist his little heart.  Times like this really touch my core and make me feel proud of the parent I am and the little gentleman I am raising.

In all of the yelling and screaming and standing on my head that I do, I always welcome these little moments of sanity where I get to celebrate not only his independence but his pure little heart too.  I love this kid and I want the best for him.

I think he is going to make an exceptional husband - if he chooses to be a husband - one day.

SIDENOTE: Sandwich still looks weird when I read it.

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