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XXI•Q |5| What inspires you the most?

I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is a pretty vague question. At first glance, my mind went in several different directions. The things or people that I am inspired by are typically things that I aspire to achieve in my life or things that I want to add or practice.

First, I thought about fitness. It is the easiest place for my mind to go to. In fitness, I am inspired by women with muscle. I know, it's weird, but having a true understanding of what it takes for a woman to build muscle. Women's muscle fibers are naturally smaller than men's which means that women don't build muscle as large as men, with the same amount of effort. So, to build an overall lean and muscular physique takes more dedication and discipline than one may realize.

To see a woman really killing it in the gym, and doing more than butt workouts, is inspiring to me. To think that, she may be on her period and she is still pushing through erases any and all excuses that I may have made for myself. It also reminds me that women are real life superheroes. Our routines hardly ever include real self care. We are always looking out for others: our spouses, our children, our parents etc. To take the require time to develop that kind of body is definitely self care; it's bonafide self love.

Another thing that comes to mind are people who have disabilities and who go on to do amazing things with their lives. I have always felt this way, but it is definitely more magnified now.

Currently, I am a personal trainer for individuals with developmental disabilities. Each of my clients is unique in their (dis)ability and their skill sets. I honor their distinct differences. I am always astonished by their accomplishments and their level of resiliency. They make it happen, no matter what they are experiencing.

Finally, I am inspired by people who are wholeheartedly true to themselves. I see them as the people with the most mental and emotional wealth. They have invested their time in themselves to find out who they are and made a conscious decision to be true to that, no matter what. That is a level of confidence that we all should memorialize. Not to mention the transparency and vulnerability of it all, as well!

However, there is a difference between being true to yourself and shoving your beliefs and ideals down the throats of others. There is a subtlety and a level of humility that is to be observed. THESE are the people who inspire me. Those who are generously genuine to themselves with modesty are my biggest inspiration!

This one was pretty fun! What inspires you the most?? I can't wait to find out!!


aja moon



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