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XXI•Q |1| Are you living a meaningful life?

This is a great place to start!

What a thought provoking question to begin this 21 day journey of self discovery.

At first thought, I would say yes. In my current profession, I am always working to assist others in developing a better them, both inside and out. Being a life coach is a tremendous task. It means putting myself and my beliefs aside and doing what is best for the client. I have to fully remove myself during my sessions because there may be times where my client and I may share similar experiences.

Additionally, I work with folks who have developmental disabilities. I help them improve and maintain their physical fitness. I thoroughly enjoy my work with them and I love each and every one of my clients. Their can-do, dont-give-up attitude truly feeds me and gives me motivation that I didn't even know I needed. You literally cannot have a bad day around these folks. Their smiles light up your entire life.

In order for me to properly respond, I have to first examine what is meaningful to me. I take pride in helping others through their journey of self discovery. It is literally the most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of.

I think back to a time when I wasn't fulfilled in life. I was not doing meaningful work and I was completely drained. Mostly from the mundane routine I was in, but in large part because I wasn't being true to myself. Living a meaningful life, for me, means being true to myself and my talents. I was wasting myself - not my life - myself.

I wanted more from myself and what I was doing every day. I wanted more from what I was pouring out. It wasn't fruitful and thus not meaningful.

I threw out any and everything that I was engaging in that didn't resonate with me. I stopped engaging in activities just cause and began finding activities that I felt meant something to me. I wanted nothing to do with anything that didn't add value to my hour, my day and my life.

I wanted to be life giving, not only for myself but for my family as well. That is the definition of meaningful to me.

With all of that being said, my answer would be YES! I am living a meaningful life and I am proud of it!

What about you? I cant wait to read your responses in the comments below!!


aja moon


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