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True Wealth | Happy Birthday to me

I can't measure my wealth monetarily or by assets. I know that is a really progressive approach and only works until you are broke and then your entire mindset changes. However, this is a real thing.

When I die, I won't be able to take any of the money that I made, my house, my car - nothing. I will be leaving it all behind for someone else to take care of. Someone will have to consolidate these assets, sell them, keep up the maintenance, split them evenly. It is not an easy process, nor is it one that a person would want to do while they are grieving. I have seen it, it is rough.

The measuring tool that I use is far more intangible than money or assets. I want my life to be measured by the lives I changed, the hearts I have touched and the things that I have built. I want evoke change. I want to be a change agent for people and their families. I want to help people make healthy decisions that will impact generations to come.

The legacy that I leave behind will also be left behind for someone to take care of. To preserve, and share and keep up the maintenance. I love that thought. I love the idea of connecting with people who have the same ideals as I. People who are seeking to make an impact, a real change in the world.

With my birthday in my rearview, I am happy to say that I am building true wealth. I am building a legacy that I will leave behind, a dream achieved.


aja moon

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