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Summer Time Reminders: Kids in the car

Huge shoutout to the folks at The Morning Dose morning show for highlighting a super important issue that happens far too often for me to be comfortable with.

I was watching the show on WPHL one day last week, maybe Tuesday (don’t quote me) and they ran a segment on leaving children in hot cars, just in time for summer.  As I recently posted about summer safety, I realized (after watching this show) that this is equally as, if not more, important as the information I previously discussed.

The numbers are astonishing and devastating.

My message to all the parents out there is to always double, triple and quadruple check your backseat before exiting the car.  I know it sounds crazy to think that you’d be that parent to leave your kid in the car, but lets just do the work to ensure we aren’t that parent.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have almost driven to work without dropping my child off at school first.  It happens, fam.  Sometimes, we are so caught up in our own adult stuff, sometimes, we are hurting, sometimes we are so laser focused on the next thing, some mornings we have to take an unexpected detour (or two or three) or sit in unusually long traffic, or less traffic than normal.  ANYTHING, stuff happens.

So before you exit your car, please remember that little person in the back of your car.  If you’re like me and always have a ton of errands to run, run them before you get that precious little one from school, or during lunch.  I call them Mom-Lunches because it involves no food, whatsoever.

Guys, none of us are exempt.  Just be sure and check your back seat.

***Photo shown: 2 year old Daniel***

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