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"OMG!! Get that apple out of the hamper!!"

Listen, y'all, I cannot make this stuff up!

In one of my recent posts I referred to Daniel's one sock and wet pants.  This kid is unpredictable.  I wish I could walk around with a little camera crew to catch his facial expressions and some of his responses.  They are over the top.

For like two weeks, my coworker friend didn't believe me when I would tell her stuff Daniel would say.  She really thought I was making it all up.  Until one day, she came to my place and Daniel was in his room, in his bed.  It wasn't bed time, but he wa sin his room, playing in his bed.  She goes to say hello to him and asks him what he's doing.  He stops, looks and says "I'm swimming" in a matter of fact kind of way and proceeds to continue "swimming."  She was floored, overcome with laughter.

I can't make this stuff up.  He's not mischievious, which is a blessing.  But he definitely has his own mind.

Yesterday, I was in my own world - binge watching 13 Reasons Why Season 2.  Its definitely not for kids so I was fighting to keep him out of my room.  We have this strange relationship, as I think most kids and parents do, where if I am engaged in something, he needs everything from me, and vice versa.  I know I get on his nerves, most times in purpose.

So here he is "I'm hungry; the TV won't work; I lost my pencil; the bathroom is scary" and so on in the whiniest, tiniest voice ever.  I don't even know why I thought I could watch an episode of the show anyway, I knew better.  Once I felt like I got him settled, I gave him an apple, due to his "hunger".  He seemed mostly satisfied with that, but still came back and forth to bother me and breathe my air, as kids do.

I watched him turn the corner into my room to come chase the dog.  I watched him leave my room and fumble with the hamper in the hallway.  I saw him come back, fumble with the hamper again, with the apple in hand.  Then, this time, on his way out, I observed the guy drop the apple into the hamper.

"OMG!! Get that apple out of the hamper!!" flew from my mouth in a bout of dis belief.  I couldn't believe that there was an apple in my damn hamper.  I couldn't do anything but laugh.  I had to ask him if he get confused on the way to my room and thought the hamper was a refrigerator.

We call the hamper "The Hungry Hamper" because it is always hungry for dirty clothes.  This philosophy has helped us in tidyng his room and him puttin his dirty clothes away.

But not feeding the hamper with an apple.

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