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Draft from iDreamofJanuary – Tumblr

When I was pregnant with Daniel, I saw a mom who wrote her son letters as he got older. Or maybe it was a Dad, don’t quite remember.  Either way, the parent wrote letters to the son, via email and when the kid got ready to go to college, she (the parent) gave the kid the password to the email so the kid could re-read his childhood through his parents’ eyes.  I thought this was a great idea.

I set out to the do the same with my blog that I started when Daniel was about 7 months or so.  I wasn’t very consistent with it and have since released the notion of it ever happening.  Until I realized that I could merge that blog with this blog and continue in the same direction.

The idea behind “Raising Batman” stemmed from several conversations that I had with fellow Moms about how I was raising my son and the realization that I had developed some pretty decent tactics to combat the ills of single-parenting and that I should share those with the world.  Couple that with my love for writing and all things literary and “Raising Batman” was born.

The idea behind “iDreamofJanuary” was to actually pen those letters to my son and provide him with the link when he got older so he could read for himself.  I didn’t make it too far, so hopefully

I can incorporate both into this blog.

I saw this and I wanted to repost it. The only words in the draft were:

You made mommy (August 24, 2013)

No idea where this was going, but I am still pushing to remind him of his awesome childhood!



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