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Jane Lang

Jane Lang

Founder, Chair Emeritus of Atlas Performing Arts Center

Jane Lang isn't just a philanthropist; she's a visionary who revitalized a community and ignited a love for the arts through the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Born in Washington D.C., her passion for the arts took root early, blooming into a lifelong commitment to bringing cultural experiences to her beloved city.

Lang's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to community found their perfect intersection in the Atlas project. In 2001, she envisioned transforming the once-grand Atlas Theater, a derelict movie house in Northeast D.C., into a vibrant performing arts center. This wasn't just a passion project; it was a catalyst for the H Street corridor's revitalization. Lang spearheaded fundraising efforts, garnered community support, and navigated numerous hurdles to see her vision come to life.

In 2004, the Atlas Performing Arts Center opened its doors, becoming a cornerstone of the revitalized H Street District. This multi-stage venue not only houses diverse performances, but also fosters artistic innovation through educational programs, community engagement initiatives, and artist residencies. Lang's leadership didn't stop there; she continues to serve as Chair Emeritus, ensuring the Atlas remains a beacon of artistic expression and community engagement.

Jane Lang's legacy shines brightly as we celebrate her significant contributions to the community, exemplified by her transformative efforts in founding the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Through her visionary leadership, she turned a derelict space into a vibrant and dynamic hub for artistic expression, breathing new life into the H Street District and fostering a rich cultural atmosphere. Lang's deep commitment to community engagement was evident in her active involvement with residents, ensuring that the Atlas reflected and catered to the diverse needs of its surroundings. Additionally, her philanthropic leadership played a pivotal role in securing funding, garnering community support, and demonstrating unwavering dedication to realizing her vision of a thriving arts center that would benefit all.

Jane Lang's story is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and community collaboration. Her lasting legacy isn't just the majestic Atlas Performing Arts Center, but a revitalized community where art thrives, igniting joy and inspiration for generations to come.

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