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Bishop Smallwood E. Williams

Bishop Smallwood E. Williams

Founded Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Worldwide

Bishop Smallwood E. Williams (1907-1991) was a captivating preacher, a relentless civil rights activist, and a visionary leader who left an indelible mark on Washington D.C. and beyond. Born in Virginia, he found his calling early, delivering his first sermon at the age of 14. In 1927, he founded the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which grew into a thriving megachurch under his charismatic leadership.

From the pulpit, Williams wielded his powerful voice to advocate for racial equality and social justice. He was a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement, participating in marches, organizing protests, and fearlessly calling for change. He joined forces with other religious leaders to pressure lawmakers and raise awareness about issues like segregation and discriminatory housing practices.

Williams' influence extended beyond his church and the civil rights movement. He actively participated in various organizations, serving as President of the D.C. Branch of the NAACP and playing a crucial role in the Washington Home Rule movement. He was a mentor to countless individuals, inspiring them to fight for their rights and communities.

Beyond his activism, Williams was renowned for his electrifying sermons, his captivating personality, and his unparalleled ability to connect with his audience. He was often called a "modern-day apostle" and a "bridge builder" for his ability to unify people from diverse backgrounds.

Illuminating the legacy of Bishop Smallwood E. Williams, we celebrate his unwavering commitment to faith, justice, and community. He left behind a legacy of service, courage, and unwavering hope, reminding us of the power of individual voices to ignite change and create a more just world.

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