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XXI•Q |7| What makes you most empowered?

I am woman!

Honestly, did you think I would say anything else?

I am so thrilled about being a woman! It's more of a super power than anyone could ever explain to me. My mind often goes back to pregnancy and preparing to give birth. The funny thing is, there was no preparation. Yes, I walked a lot. Yes, I did perineal massages with Evening Primrose Oil. Yes, I stretched and tried to remain as limber as possible but, honestly, none of that really made a difference. My body was made for child bearing and it was going to do what it was going to do.

It so empowering to recount the science of how it all happened. My body literally shifted and rearranged around this tiny person to make him more comfortable. My body responded to him. My body said let's do this, it's time. My body then bloomed like a flower and opened in a way unimaginable.

My body did that! To me, that's a super power and it always reminds me of just how magnificent women truly are.

We are complex beings. We have to so much yet take so little for ourselves. We give so much, day in and day out. Women are marvelous!!

I could go on and on about the beauty of womanhood, but Ima let y'all be great!

What empowers you?


aja moon


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