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XXI•Q |20| What's something that offends you?

I could be here all day long discussing what offends me. I am a woman, an emotional woman, a lot of things offend me.

As a woman, I have come in contact with several types of men. I have met men who are faithful to their God and who are in turn faithful to the women that their God has given them. I have met men who could give a damn less about the woman who they have said vows to and "put a ring on it" and are living their best single life while married. I have met men who are single and make it known.

But the worse kind of man that I have met is the kind of man who thinks that my vagina is a bargaining tool. One of my superior non-commissioned officers during my time in the Army told me, to my face that "If your pussy is wet, your pockets should never be empty." This was after a brief discussion about going to lunch and I stated that I didn't have the money to go. I was young, but not too young, and I was impressionable, but not too impressionable. This never left my mind. I could never view him the same. This experience caused me to side eye every single black male leader that I would come in contact with for the remainder of my time in service.

This was the first of many very lewd and outlandish comments that I heard from black male leadership. As a young woman, you want to feel protected by the leaders who share the same color skin as you. I found more protection and concern from my white counterparts and leaders than I did the black ones.

They all seemed to have their dicks stuck in their asses and treated us young black Soldiers as if we owed them something for our protection. What they failed to realize was we needed the protection from them.

When asked what I am most offended by, my response is men who threaten the ownership of my vagina. It is mine, I use it when I feel like it and there is nothing that you can say or do to make we want to use it with you.

Men don't understand that, for several reasons. Some reasons I understand, but most, I don't. Some men have had their manhood threatened and they feel that they have to "flex" on every woman they come in contact with in an effort to establish the manhood that was once threatened. Some men have run into so many women who have willingly surrendered themselves in a prearranged exchange that they think all women are like this. When they come across a women who will not stand for this toxic masculinity nor their menacing tactics, they result to child like behavior. The parts that I don't understand I will probably never understand.

I shouldn't be offended. It is not a reflection of who I am, how I handle myself or any of my fault. But I am.

What offends you?


aja moon


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