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XXI•Q |15| If you had the option to know the date and circumstances of your death, would you?

I am probably going to repost this question and answer again. My heart is leaning towards no for this, at least for right now. I believe there are pros and cons for either response, but the way my anxiety is set up, Ill be okay.

Even just knowing the date will be too much for me. It's like an ultimate deadline and I feel like I will be losing my mind trying to get all my crap in order leading up to that day.

In real life, my answer is mindfulness. Being mindful in the present moment eradicates all fear and all anxiety surrounding this inevitable situation. Focusing on what is currently in front of me, in my life right now is simply the way that things should be. Being worried or even merely concerned with what's next is more stress than anyone really needs. We all have a lot going on and management is key. There is no reason to try to manage what you can't control.

Knowing the date and circumstances will push me to try to change it, prolong it or even avoid it. All completely futile. Our lives would turn into a poorly produced movie where we continuously try to avoid death.

What if there was a way that you could know date and circumstance and you found out it was tomorrow? How will you live though today knowing that tomorrow is your last day? I'm sure you will be worried more about tomorrow than living for today.

It's human nature to drive ourselves crazy, but we don't have to.

Would you want to know?


aja moon


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