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Welcome to the WILD Ride!

I'm literally on the wildest ride of my life and it does not seem that it will end anytime soon! 5 years ago I became the lucky mother to BATMAN himself! These past 5 years have been filled with ups and downs, failures and successes but most of all lots of laughs and tons of lessons learned.

I've noticed that over the past few years I have imparted tons of wisdom and knowledge to my friends who have children around the same age as my son, most of which has worked for them as well. But additionally, I've realized that I have a very interesting view of parenting and that I should also share it with others.

I despise when people provide unsolicited opinions, but free chicken is free chicken!!!

AHEM...all the words and no introduction!!! Please forgive me!

I'm Aja (like Asia but spelled all uniquely and whatnot), I'm 31 and I'm dope af. I am a "geographical single mother". My son and I reside in PA where we relocated three years ago for my career - Active Duty military. I am engaged to one of the most absolutely amazing individuals that God could have ever created! We are set to be married in September this year.

Unfortunately, it's not Batman's Dad but he and I have an amazing relationship as do him and his son. No complaints. Fiancé and I remain separated due to our career choices but have made the best of the last 3 years without fail. I may start a blog about him too, because trust me, our story NEEDS to be told!

Daniel aka Batman is an energetic, charismatic, kind, caring, personality. He is 5 and a soon to be Kindergartner. I'm quite pleased with the person he has and is continuing to grow into - as far as my influence goes. I understand that a lot of who he is is purely innate and I respect his individuality 100%. It's goes without saying that I love him, but I love who he is more than anything. He loves superheroes, Batman being his favorite. There's so much to tell about this kid and I'm looking forward to sharing as much as possible with you guys.Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for more fun deets on how I am making parenting my own best experience!


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