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Right after you were born and we went to our recovery room, they took you to the nursery to bathe you and you never came back to me. Daddy had gone home to shower and come back.

You had a little bit of pneumonia when you first got here. You spent a week in the hospital. The nurses were sweethearts and treated you as if you we’re their child. They were amazed at how big you were. All if the other babies in the NICU were so tiny, but you were three times their size!!

When Daddy returned to the hospital and we went to see you in the NICU for the first time, Daddy broke down crying. You made him cry twice in one day! We made it through this together, the three of us.

You got stronger and stronger everyday. You only stayed in the hospital for one week. You are such a strong willed little boy. I was afraid, but your strong will wouldn’t let me show it. You made me feel better, each day that you got better.

It wasn’t as much of a nightmare as it could have been. They took good care of you and Mommy and Daddy were there with you everyday. We fed you and changed you and rocked you to sleep, as if you were at home with us. It helped me a lot because the nurses gave me a lot of advice on how to be a good Mommy for you. We were at peace with the care you were receiving.

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