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The Catch Up

So many things have transpired in the last four months. I really let my writing fall off pretty hard. I have missed it so much, but I am so happy to say that I am back and more refreshed than ever.

So, let's catch up!

Let's start with September. I got married!! (thanks) . It was a pretty cool shindig, if I say so myself. We had a really good time hosting our friends and family to celebrate in our happiness. If you'd like to check out my full account of the days leading up to the wedding and what it felt like being an anxious bride, check it out here:

October was pretty funky with the get down. A normal month full of normal stuff and then BOOM, I launched my YouTube Channel. My son had been on me for a while about starting one, and I was so opposed to it for so long. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to drive on and just do the dang thing. I haven't looked back and I have totally been enjoying this process. My hat goes off to YouTubers and Social Media Influencers. It is a ton of work and they make it look so effortless. I had to teach myself how to edit videos, add music and I even had to learn how to make facial expressions. Yes, I know right?!

October proved to be pretty interesting and amazing, to say the least. One night, as I was working on a project, I reached out to a friend and fellow motivator to share some #goodnews. She responded to my good news with a TEDx application. Without hesitation or real thought, I applied and was accepted. It was such a dope experience that I added an episode to my podcast about it:

Ahhhh, November. I moved out of my apartment in Pennsylvania and moved in with my husband in Maryland. For most of you guys who don't know, we have been in a long distance relationship the entire time we have been in a relationship. This is the first time that we have ever lived together. It is not without it's challenges, but it is definitely a challenge that I am welcoming.

Of course, this change not only affects myself and my husband, but it also affects my little superhero as well. He had to change schools. I am so proud to say that he took this move very well. He has been in touch with his friends from PA and his school mates all sent him birthday cards. His sweet little spirit made some very tight connections and this experience will not let them die.

This was one of my biggest fears, that he wouldn't do well with this transition. I am so pleased that it all worked out well. This was the biggest move I have ever made. Even moving to Pennsylvania in the first place wasn't as big as this.

December, of course, was all Christmassy and what not (if it's not a word, then it should be). On December 1, I spoke in Hilton Head Island, SC, as mentioned above. I was still gaining my footing in the move - unpacking things and organizing.

And then January came! I had purchased admission to BlogHer Health in Los Angeles and that was the highlight of my month - besides of course my son's birthday. Los Angeles was beautiful! I had a great time networking with like minded women who are doing their part to lift up other women in their communities. I even got the chance to hang out with my cousin and ride bikes along Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier.

So now, you can consider yourself #caughtup and so am I!

Whew....that was ALOT!!!


aja moon

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