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Splashing into Summer: Water Safety Tips

Every year I post some summer safety rules ESPECIALLY for water safety.   These posts usually end up on my Facebook and IG pages, but I think they’re especially necessary on a mom blog.  I used to be a lifeguard for 3 short years and during that time I picked up some quick and easy tips to help us all have a safe and happy summer in the sun, sand and water.  I initially posted this list with the promise of more links and a more unabridged version.  So here goes!!


Here are a few links to some great summer and water safety information:

  1. SUNSCREEN!! This is SUPER important. I know we all think that brown people don’t burn. Tis a myth! Even if you’re just going to the park or having a dry day at the beach, apply sunscreen. Even if the sun is only peeking through the clouds! Sunburn sucks, but skin cancer is even worse. Protect your skin!

  2. Weak swimmers should always wear some type of life vest or jacket. It should fit snugly to the body but not to restrict any movement.  See the link above for more information on choosing the right life jacket.

  3. Adult supervision is a must, even if your child is a strong swimmer, you can’t predict the actions of the other kids around them. Please make sure that you always have a good eye on your kids in and around water.

  4. NO RUNNING! This is a no brainer, but it is the #1 cause of serious injury in and around the pool. Stay clear of those emergency rooms by ensuring your kids aren’t running on pool decks.

  5. NO DIVING! It’s posted for a reason. Feet first ALWAYS! Especially when entering the pool and going down water slides.

  6. If you don’t know – don’t go. This applies to a myriad of things concerning water safety. To include a few: weak swimmers. Guys, it is traumatizing to kids to simply toss them into water in an effort to teach them how to swim. Water danger is a serious phobia and can be erased with the right amount of patience and instruction. Additionally, make sure you check the local weather before heading out to the pool or the beach. Inclement weather can be fatal and not following local regulations can cause serious injury, leading to death.

  7. HORSEPLAY. It only takes a teaspoon of water to obstruct the airway and cause drowning. Horseplay can cause water to become trapped in the airway. The effects of drowning can be dormant for hours, causing a dry drowning late on at home. Please, PLEASE do not encourage horse play in or around water.

Of course theres a TON more so if you have more, please feel free to leave a comment! LOVE YOU GUYS! STAY SAFE

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