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"I think I need therapy" by Nathan Wilson

I came across this post that a friend of mine shared on Facebook and I was soften like butter in a microwave - real fast.

In this post, a young African American gentleman described two opposite interactions he had that had an equal emotional and mental effect on him. I honor his honesty and transparency. I wasn't going to write about it, but it stuck with me so I felt compelled. I couldn't let another moment go by without expressing myself.

First, I want to thank Nathan Wilson for being so honest in his experiences. Though they had a temporary inverse effect on his well being and his mental state, he felt that it was time to make some permanent changes to his life.

Secondly, I want to address some of the things he said. He spoke for so many of us in this post. Things happen to us daily that literally crush our souls and we often have no healthy outlet. We carry it around in a very damaging way. It becomes us - this unnatural fear of things that we shouldn't fear at all. It consumes us. It stops us from doing the things we should do. It stops us from doing the things that we want to do. It stops us from doing the things that we enjoy.

In this case with Mr. Wilson, this unnatural fear impeded his joy for running, which in turn caused his health to decline. He gained a noticeable amount of weight and also gained a fear of simply being outside - an unnatural fear. Mentally and physically drained, Mr. Wilson discloses his wishes to retreat to his bed. His prevention of "more problems" could easily become a prison.

What's most important is that he stated that he thinks he needs therapy and he also acknowledges that he surely can't be the only person struggling with dangerous situations such as these. I applaud that. This is what you call a door opening for others. This is what you call eradicating the stigma that black people (especially black mean) are weak for going to therapy.


It is not targeted for a certain demographic or gender - all people. Therapists (all kinds) and coaches (all kinds) study for a long time to ensure that they are providing you with the proper tools to navigate wellness in your life. It speaks volumes to one's character to be able to not only acknowledge that they could use some help in their life but to also take that leap and hire a therapist. The greatest test of character is actually doing the work to transform your life. While a therapist can assist you in the right direction, they cannot do the work for you - and unfortunately my friends, the work doesn't end. Lifestyle changes must be consistently reviewed and updated because, well, life keeps on happening.

So, to Mr. Nathan Wilson, I applaud you. I am very happy to know that you are doing better (as I read on your page) and should you need anything, (or any of you guys) I am here!!

You can read his entire post here.


aja moon


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