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“Healthy Pie”

As you all have grown to learn, Daniel is pretty dramatic.  He always has been and he probably always will be.  Have mercy on his girlfriends.

Daniel decided that he wanted to make a healthy pie.  I literally had no idea what he was speaking of, so I had to investigate.  I begin asking him what goes on a healthy pie.  As he starts naming fruits, I realize that this little culinary project is a lot simpler than  I thought.

I headed on over to Pinterest to find an easy recipe that would support his ideas.  Of course, Pinterest came through for the win!!  I found this pretty dope recipe with some pretty straight forward ingredients.

He has been hounding me (yes, he hounds me) about making a list for the grocery store.  Sidenote: for as long as I can remember, literally since he was a baby, I have used him as my grocery list.  Initially, I would just talk to him out loud, asking questions and having him help me make decisions.  As he got older, this practice proved beneficial to both of us as it gave him some focus in the store and he helped me remember stuff we needed at home.  Our store “ritual” (using the term as loosely as possible) has become so seamless and painless that I actually dislike shopping without him.

Anyways, the list.  I almost never write out a list.  I usually just wing it, which makes no sense.  However, I recently decided to couple the list making with his practice on his writing.  He has been designated as the grocery list writer and he takes his role very seriously.

I was super proud of him writing his list.  He took his time and took himself seriously.  He was also very proud of himself.  I mean, is this what you want?

Moving forward.  Fast forward through the store, but not without noting that the store that I went to provides fresh fruits for children in the store – FOR FREE! Everyne should do this!

Got home and did a step-by-step for the crust, the filling and the toppings.  By the time we actually got home, after the gym and a stop by the grocery store, it was super late.  I chopped all those fruits anyway, I couldn’t let Batman down.  Besides, he was by my side the whole time, on his step stool helping me stir, mix and “chop”.  I enjoy having him in the kitchen alongside me.

I burned the crust, not paying attention.  I completely forgot the thing was in the oven, hence why I try not to cook late at night – Mom Brain!  But other than the fact that the crust was stuck to the pan, that dish was delicious!!!

I couldn’t have come up with anything better!  It was healthy, made with love and most delicious!!!

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