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So I finally found the opportunity to take Daniel to see #EndGame. The stars officially aligned.

There is so much to be said about this movie. I don’t even know where to start honestly. Maybe the fact that out of 3 total hours there was MAYBE 45 minutes of action. I think I was disappointed, honestly. I am not going to burden you with reading a review of the movie. We aren't here for that.

I overestimated that 3 hour movie time. I didn't expect for it to feel like 3 hours, which also means that I didn't expect to have to almost stand on my head about Daniel being all wormy squirmy. I think that fuels my disappointment because #infinitywar and Black Panther was probably the same length but I had no problems out of him. The difference between these movies is the amount of action. There was something lurking around every corner which kept his attention a little longer. Those 3 hours didn't feel like 3 hours.

So, Daniel struggled.

About midway through the movie, he wanted to go home. I really wanted to see the end so I had to figure something out.

I realized that the movie was super boring to him. I decided to ask him questions about what was happening. I pulled him closer to me so I could whisper in his little ear. Ever so often, I would say, "Haha, that was funny, wasn't it?!" or, "Oh NO! That was terrible!" to keep him engaged. I wanted to redirect his attention to the movie and divert the focus from the fact that he is bored, all while staying to watch the movie.

We made it to the end, but not through the credits. That would have been cruel and unfair to him to make him sit through that. What kind of monster was I?

In one of my previous posts, Superhero Saturday Smiles, I talked about the irrational idea of "sit still" that is imposed on children. It's so not fair. Children aren't wired for that (I said that, already). I refused to develop a battle in the theater. It would have ended badly and we would have disturbed the others. I despise being embarrassed in public and I try to avoid it at all costs.

I knew better than to force him to watch the movie. I knew better than to have to keep telling him to sit still and be quiet. He was bored. What do you give a person who is bored? WORK! I activated his mind, woke him up a little bit. By asking him the questions about the movie, he was more engaged and he forgot all about being bored. He didn't even realize that I had basically manipulated him.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think we bonded over a moment. I made a decision in a split second on how to work with my little cutie. He didn't need to be handled, directed or dealt with, he needed nurturing.


Aja Moon

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