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Consistently Inconsistent

I vow to be more consistent at updating my blog.

Now, read that 10x over and over again, until you believe it. I don't know what the thing is about consistency, but I can NOT seem to figure it out. I should work on a schedule, but schedules make my skin crawl. I should make a To-Do List, but I would never follow it.

So what do I do?

I allow myself the creative space to be spontaneous. One thing that I have learned on my journey is not to force myself, ESPECIALLY when I am creating. Writing, vlogging, whatever it is that is on the level of creator-ism, I cannot force that passion. Everything that I create is infused with passion and love for what I am doing.

I respect my audiences. What doesn't feel right to me won't feel right for them. If I can't connect to my work, they wont either. If I can't pour my everything into what I am doing, I won't half ass it. My audiences don't deserve half-assed content. They deserve the same all-of-me that they have been getting from day one.

So, consistent sucks. Being true to myself is what matters most.


aja moon

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