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Co-Sleeping|Bed-Sharing: Why is this still a thing?

I can understand when there’s lightning and thunder.  Even that terrifies me.  But every night, bro? Come on, something has got to give!

Sunday – Wednesday night this week, this kid has slept up under me.  One night I let him sleep in my bed, because of the thunder and all, but the other nights, I was ambushed.  Him and this damn dog taking up all the space in MY bed.  I feel like that scene from “The Sound of Music” when they were singing “My Favorite Things” and all the kids were in the bed with Maria.  That’s all cute and all until you get slapped in the face by a sleepy elbow and wake up looking like a victim of domestic abuse.

You are not invited, please vacate!

I can understand that this is some form of regression due to the fact that I had been away from him for a week.  But I had also been away from my bed, which I missed dearly and was sincerely looking forward to spending some serious alone time. Key term – ALONE.  I don’t need company to get a good nights rest. Thanks, but no thanks.

Either way, I would like my bed back now.  I would like for my son and his pet to return to their comfy bed (the dog sleeps with Daniel every night and when Daniel leaves him room, so does that damn dog) in their comfy room and leave me to my own slumber – alone.

Thank you, dear reader, for allowing this rant.  I feel better now and I hope that I can sleep alone, without a rude audience taking up MY space.

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