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Boys and the BarberShop

I swear I think I am savvy with these titles, and I know they suck.  Trust me, I will do better. Until then, bear with me and these crappy titles.

Daniel has been going to the same barber now for about three or four years.  His barber is not close to us, he’s in Maryland.  We have a pretty good system or appointment making and keeping and all of the other little boys in my life get their hair cut by him as well.  However, with Daniel in sports now, it has been a bit difficult to get the kid to the barbershop.  His scruffy hair hasn’t been an issue until my mom brain reminded me that the kid has school pictures tomorrow.


After a bunch of calls and a mini heart attack, I ended up taking him to this barber shop down the street from his school.  BOY was I nervous.

I had short hair myself, for a period of time, so I am very meticulous about haircuts in general.  When I meet men (not for my own liking, but just in general) I always do a personal review of their hair cut.  I have high ass grooming standards.  Daniel and I used to get our hair cut together.

Daniel likes having a hair cut.  he doesn’t get too wrapped up in his mind about it.  He isn’t too particular about his hair, which I think is good.  He likes to have it cut, he sits pretty still and his only request is a lollipop afterwards.  Super adorbs.

I just wonder if other moms are this meticulous about their sons hair cuts, or if its just a me thing.  I do NOT like his hair cut. I do NOT like his shape up – or the lack there of.   I literally wanted to cry – and it wasn’t even my hair.  I didn’t say anything about it to Daniel, because he was happy and that was all the mattered.  The hair cut itself wasn’t butchered or destroyed so it wasn’t bad.  It’s just me and my meticulous ass ways.

It can get pretty ridiculous.

I am almost certain that this won’t happen again.  I have trust issues when it comes to my crown, and I am the same when it comes to my baby’s crown as well.  He’s so damn handsome with a fresh hair cut and I like it cut a certain way.  Maybe I’m just weird.

**Barbershop photo courtesy of google images – link to actual barbershop is here**

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