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Bat Signal: Where is my kid?

Today was a good day, if I do say so myself.

I was able to blitz a few blog posts, reflect on last week, prepare for the week (and vacay) ahead, do some research, do a boat load of laundry, clean my place and even practice reading and writing with Batman.

As the day came to an end, which happened pretty rapidly, I decided a nice long bath would help my super hero relax.  As he is sitting in the tub, I mentally fast forwarded to the part where he is in bed resting peacefully and the night is easily coming to a close.

There is popcorn popped, good TV playing and a little glass of wine for my enjoyment.

As I settle in on my couch and enjoy the last few moments until my slumber puts me down, I hear a faint sound in the distance and I realize, I AM CREATING A RAISIN IN THE BATHROOM!

OMG! What in the hell was I thinking? I thought Mom brain ended when I stopped breastfeeding or something like that.  Like in the early stages. But now, as I think about it, there have been several times that I’ve forgotten his blanket, or his medicine – all kinds of mom brain moments.

I just think this one is the most unforgiveable of them all!!  I have to hold myself accountable, but I also have to laugh at myself – and go get my kid before he turns into a mermaidsuperheroman.

Damn, Mom brain. (It is still a good day!)

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