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Baby Fever

What would a mom blog be without a post, or two, about baby fever?

One of my good friends recently produced an offspring.   The baby is super adorable, as most babies are.  I went to visit the baby about a month ago, took Daniel with me.  I held her and fed her.  It almost made want another baby, but not quite.

I saw her again on yesterday, held her, fed her, argued with her, and rocked her.  This, too, almost made me want to have another baby, but still not quite.

This morning, however, I experienced the purest level of kindness from one child to another. 

There was one little girl who came in this morning, as I was dropping Daniel off.  I think she is the cutest thing, shes like a little baby doll.  She seemed like she was having a rough morning, tears and all.

She had braids that were braided to the front with beads on the end.  One of her friends, another adorable little girl noticed that she was having a rough time and walked over to her and moved the braids from her face and wiped her tears away.  These little hands held so much power. 

THIS gave me baby fever.

I have always adored children and how pure they are.  I enjoy talking to children and listening to their point of view, especially the youngest ones.  There is no area of grey with kids, just black and white; either it is or it isn’t.  There is no in between.  They also have lock and key memories so you can’t pull a fast one on them either.

This is the part that gives me baby fever.  The part of children when they dont understand the ways of the world and their miniature contributions make a major impact on those around them.  They are old enough to feed themselves and they feed everyone around them with so much life and living.

Have you ever noticed that older people, like grandparents, could be suffering and in pain but the moment that grandchild is present, all that pain and strife seem to erase? Even if temporarily? 

Children are a cure.

So yes, I have baby fever, but not the kind that comes from smelling Dreft-fresh washed tiny onesies and baby milk, but the kind that comes from observing little people be little angels.

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