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Father Louis Tou

Father Louis Tou

Founding Pastor of Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission in Chinatown

Born in 1930 to a devout Catholic family in China's Honan Province, Father Louis Tou's life was shaped by faith from the start. A miraculous recovery from childhood illness fueled his early vow to serve the Church, leading him to studies in Spain and Rome, culminating in his ordination in 1956.

Driven by a desire to help others, Father Tou embarked on a diverse ministry path in the United States. He assisted bishops, nurtured parishes, and counseled young minds, demonstrating his dedication to both the spiritual and social well-being of his community. His compassionate spirit also shone through his chaplaincy at Holy Cross Hospital.

Yet, his life's defining chapter began in 1981, when he became the founding pastor of the Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission. Recognizing the needs of the growing Chinese Catholic community, Father Tou spearheaded the establishment of this crucial space, offering sanctuary and spiritual guidance in their native language. He tirelessly served the mission until 1997, leaving behind a legacy of weekly Mandarin and Cantonese Masses that continue to nourish the community to this day.

Illuminating the legacy of Father Louis Tou, we celebrate his dedication as the founding pastor of Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission. Father Tou's motto, "For the love of Christ impels us," embodies his life's journey, serving as a reminder that faith can transcend borders and inspire service wherever we find ourselves.

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