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16 x 20

Acrylic on Canvas


I painted this piece at a friend's photography studio. He took videos and pictures throughout the process, the art of creating art. 


I chose this gesture because I experienced body shaming. I have always had an athletic build. However, I have also had people tell me I will disappear if I turn to the side, that I need a biscuit and that I could stand to gain some weight. Unfortunately, most people don't see that as body shaming. I struggled with my self-esteem for years, from youth well into adulthood. I never felt beautiful or sexy, just skinny.


I chose this woman because I knew so many other women could relate to this. I have so so many women reach out to me and say "Who told you to paint me?" I painted this in rebellion to my pain. The use of vibrant color here was a matter of personal choice, again using my pain and experience to project beauty and radiant light into others. Painting another slim woman with a tight body doesn't translate, we don't connect. Being a slim woman woth a tight body doesn't translate, I don't connect. But a woman with curves is what we see, its where we connect.

Self Esteem

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