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XXI•Q |16| What is something that you are certain that you will never experience?

My mind initially takes me to all the things that guys can do that we can't do.

My son once told me that he thinks I should get a penis. He had to be about 3 or 4 at the time. He had a pretty basic understanding of girl parts and boy parts and he was very proud to have a penis. I'm certain he still is very proud of his penis, which is equal parts weird and normal.

He told me that penises make going to the bathroom easy. He wanted me to know that I don't always have to struggle using the bathroom, with all the sitting and all and that If I had a penis I could stand up like him. While this was perfect for potty training, it is so unrealistic for me.

In his cute little mind, he believed that he solved a problem for me by telling me to go and get a penis.

One thing I am sure of, I will never have a penis. I will never be able to stand up and pee. I will never be able to ejaculate from it or anything of the sort.

I want to dig deeper and explore some of the other things I will never experience, but this is what initially came to mind.

Enjoy your penises!!!


aja moon


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