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XXI•Q |11| Do you trust anyone with your life?

At first glance my answer has to be: Nope.

Excuse me. HELL NO!

Easy to say but you and I both know that it isn't true. We make subconscious decisions to trust others with our lives and the lives of our children several times a day. Whether its' public transportation or school, our lives typically always hang in the balance of someone else's misstep or mistake. It is difficult to think of this way, but honestly, how much of this can we control?

What does this question really mean? Do you trust anyone with your life? There is so much more to me than physical - than physically getting into my car with a stranger or on a plane full of strangers (that just gave me anxiety). I am a multifaceted person with a history and a past and issues, yes Lord issues. Do I trust anyone with that? How much of myself and I willing to disclose to another person? How many of my inner most thoughts am I willing to share with others?

Why would I want to share these parts with others? Why wouldn't I? Trust is one hell of a phenomenon. It'[s downright tricky. While all of these other questions are good questions, I think an even better question is "Am I a trustworthy person?" If someone is to share something intimate with me, how will I handle it? Will I exploit their transparency? Will I use it against them? Will I share it with others? What is the reason behind them sharing it with me in the first place? Ahh, because they trust me.

Why wouldn't I require the same things from others that I have been giving so freely? Shouldn't I be upset when I don't receive it?

Well, no. People are all different. They come from different backgrounds and it is several unfair for me to expect the same from them that I give - solely because they are not me. Adjusting my expectations is the best effort I can give and recognizing the capacity of others is also a responsibility that I owe myself.

Do I trust others with my life? Yes, yes I do because maybe I realize that I have no choice.

What do you think??


aja moon


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