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Daniel loves Batman. Ok, who am I kidding…Daniel IS Batman!!! Don’t ask me where this love for Batman came from but I will tell you that I am all the way here for it.

We traveled to Uncasville, CT to the Mohegan Sun Casino (absolutely beautiful place btw) one sunny day in August to attend our first ever comicon TERRIFICON! I had been looking forward to this this like I loved Batman or something.

I was in for the shock of my life!!

I had never attended, nor ever had the desire to attend, a comicon, but I knew it would be a blast. I thought it was for kids. BOY WAS I WRONG! It was like Halloween all over again, superhero edition! These adult folks were NOT playing in their cosplay, ok hunnie!

The most adorable thing is that everyone was so thrilled to meet Daniel, aka Tiny Batsy! He was so into it. Everyone we ran into just wanted to take a picture with him and adored how cute he was and how much he was into his role as Batman. He ate it up, too!

My favorite thing to do in this life is to learn life from his point of view. He’s a little person with a huge personality and a craving for life. Somewhere along the way we lose this desire and craving for life and loving it. Learning to live like he does, out loud and full, gives me a fullness that I thought was long gone.

Daniel met and impressed so many people in those two days, but the one person who was most impressed by him was Burt Ward. If you don’t know who Burt Ward is, he’s the original 1960’s Robin. We were so looking forward to meeting Adam West (the original Batman) and were terribly saddened at the news of his passing. However, meeting Burt Ward was and incredible experience. We met him on Sunday afternoon. By this time, things had begun to die down, which was a good thing considering he’s an older guy and this convention was three days long! We waited in the line eagerly, conversing with others cosplayers and thanking everyone who was dying to have a photo with Tiny Batsy. Burt Ward was such a kind soul. Daniel was thrilled, but very respectful and patient. Burt Ward told me that meeting Daniel was a highlight of his weekend and that he commented on how patient and nice he was.

As a parent, it’s what you want. You want folks to comment on how nice and patient your child is. I mean why not? It’s a reflection of you. It’s not everyday that you and your kid get to meet a celebrity, especially a celebrity that you idolize. But Robin!!! IT WAS ROBIN YALL! My inner child was doing cartwheels!!!

TERRIFICON in and of itself was a full on experience. Next time, I will have to take another adult. There were a ton of people there and my anxiety was through the roof. We had so much SO MUCH fun!!!

Definitely needs a do over!!!

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