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Taxi Girl

When we finally got Daniel’s graduation pictures back, I was thrilled.  They were so stinking adorable!

I had to go, right away, and grab frames for the pictures so they could be displayed EVERYWHERE!  One on my desk, one in the house, one to each of his grandmothers and to his grandfather.

Of course, I had to consult with Daniel regarding our running errands plans.  He was equally thrilled at the thought of putting his photo in a frame and then proceeded to proclaim

“Mommy, you’re the best taxi girl!”

Before I applied an emotion to this, I definitely had to ask what a taxi girl was and why he saw me as such.  He stated that anytime he needs to go somewhere, I am always taking him.  This was the most adorable little explanation and the best I could ask for.  I went on to request payment for all these rides, which led to silence. Haha!! Gotcha!  I also added that the only reason I take him everywhere is because he cant drive yet!

But whats more important here, or the reason behind this post is this:

  1. Parents go above and beyond

  2. How that shapes the child

I didnt’ realize all the things my parents went through for me and my siblings.  We always had gamesm school projects – just stuff all the time.  They were always there, taking us, dropping our friends off, helping with homework, everything.  Now, as a parent, I am eternally exhausted and buddy is only 5.  I still don’t know how they did it.  Sidenote: My stepmom doesn’t drink coffee.

For me, this shaped a ton of my experiences with Daniel.  A lot times, as kids, if we go without, we tend to want to over compensate for our children in those areas.  I seek not to recreate my childhood nor over compensate for areas in which I lacked as a child (because all of it wasnt dope – just choose not to share those points here) but I rather choose to provide the life style that I think my son should have.

I am aware that this will shape and mold him into the person he is already becoming and the parent that he will be, as well.  I want him to feel loved and appreciated, not tolerated and catered to.  I refuse to allow a sense of entitlement into this little boy’s heart, because his heart is for humility.

I just hope I am doing a good job.

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