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Picture Day

We all know those words. Get your best outfits together and practice your smile in the mirror because the camera guy has come to snap pics of you!! Such an exciting time of the year for these little kiddies.

Before I throw my “rant” into high gear, I want to make a few “admin notes”.  1.  His school does these pictures every six months or so, April and October, so I always know that they are coming.  2.  I regret each time not sending him to school in his Batman costume.  I mean I am paying for the pictures, so I should at least get what I/we want. I mean, who’s gonna fight me on this? Exactly.

So, here we are, practicing our smiles as usual. Daniel was more excited this time than other times.  Oddly enough he actually didn’t lose the order form. I have literally had to recreate the order form in the past – and as an after thought, I don’t think I received my pictures the last time. (Geez, am I really that busy?)

As he is nearing the end of the school year and he is approaching kindergarten, his school provided the option for graduation pictures. I am baffled by this and I sincerely need opinions, so feel free to weigh in.

I mean, he’s in a pre-kindergarten program.  Is he really graduating?  I could just be reading into it too much, but I think all of these “graduations” are overkill, especially at such a young age.  What are they supposed to be getting out of this?  I am clueless and I just think its too much.

After considering it, I did get the “graduation” background, because why not?  I think Kindergarten is a huge deal, but, Idk.

I’m speechless. (who writes a whole blog post and then says “speechless” at the end?)

Don’t judge me.



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