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First Day of Kindergarten: Morning Trauma

They snatched that baby on the front steps of the school...

His father drove 3 hours in the wee hours of the morning and they snatched him right on up out of our arms.

Talk about ripping the band-aid off.  I was so traumatized.  Homegirl literally stopped us at the door like, Is he a kindergartner, come with me buddy.


I did remember to pray with him before he went into the building but uh, yea....that was it.

Traumatizing. To put it simply, it was traumatizing. At least for me any way.

Daniel was just fine.  He was excited.  He was ready.  He was dressed "sharp" (his words not mine).  He walked right on in and that was it.  I had the hard time, not him.

I can't wait to see him this afternoon.

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