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Creating a custom wellness program for you and your workplace takes time and attention to detail.  We have sorted this process into three comprehensive phases.


In developing a custom wellness program for your company, we begin with the employee in mind.  We discuss their needs, their pain points and the areas in which they would like to see improvement.  We discuss these ideas with the on-site wellness coordinator (if applicable) and work together to develop a strategic plan that is tailored to those needs and directly address any concerns with the on-site coordinator.


We discuss in detail the activities and programs that can be facilitated during work hours on-site as well opportunities for off-site retreats and events.  We explore the possibility of a wellness/meditation room on-site that can be used by the employees during work hours as well.


Here at Aja Moon Consulting, we take all of this information and compile it into a custom package for your workplace.  We review the package with the on-site coordinator for approval.  Once the plans are confirmed and the contract is signed by both parties we are ready to move over to the second phase; the execution phase.



During the execution phase, several things take place.


There are several levels of support that we offer here at Aja Moon Consulting.  Whether you are choosing an annual retreat or you would like to update and refresh your wellness room, you can leave all of the heavy lifting to us and rest assured that the wellness of your workplace is in good hands.  In the presence of an on-site coordinator, we will work hand in hand to ensure they are trained in all facets of workplace wellness.  In the absence of a on-site wellness coordinator, we will act as interim.


Each package includes individual wellness screenings for available employees.  These screenings take place on a monthly to quarterly basis.  During these screenings, we will assess the current level of wellness, develop a strategic, detailed and custom action plan and make adjustments if necessary.  These screenings assist in the evaluation phase as we utilize them to assess the growth of the employees and the impact of the program.


Complimentary wellness concierge service is also included in each of the packages.  This service assists in crisis intervention, as well.



Finally, we come to the evaluation phase. The success of the program is evaluated by the effectiveness of the employee.  We take our measurements based on metrics produced by your company on employee performance.  Which metrics we use is determined during the development phase.


We also utilize the monthly or quarterly screenings as a wellness assessment.  We compare a wellness assessment given at the beginning and end of the program. By comparing these metrics, we get to see how the program is working, how much of an impact it has made on the employees and decide which direction to go in next.


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